Friday, March 25, 2011

Guess Who Turns One Today?
On the Bright Side Blog Turns One Today! 

Hard to believe, but I have been blogging for one year as of March 25, 2011.  On the Bright Side has helped me to focus on the positive things in life, and I hope you have enjoyed reading and viewing over the last 12 months (over 250 posts).  Music, videos, photos, personal experiences and other gems I have found have brightened the days and given me something to look forward to.  To celebrate, I'd like to highlight a favourite post from each of the past 12 months.  Thanks for reading and sharing your comments and insights.

Top 12 Posts - One for Each Month of the First Year (March 2010 - Feb. 2011)

Mar. 2010 - Love Freely - Closer to Nature with Pets
Apr. 2010 - Marriage is a Choice - Celebrating Love
May 2010 - Heart-Shaped Peanut M & M
June 2010 - The Italian Way
July 2010 -  Newly Discovered Family Member
Aug. 2010 - You're Never Too Old
Sep. 2010 - How to Get Rich Quick
Oct. 2010 - Thankful Thinking
Nov. 2010 - The Benefits of a Positive Attitude
Dec. 2010 - Mini Gift War - A Fun Game
Jan. 2011 - Follow Your Dream
Feb. 2011 - Happy Roses - Feel Good, Feel Happy

Again, it's been a pleasure to write this blog, and I am happy to share my thoughts and finds with you.

Have a wonderful day and always look on the bright side of life!

~ Angela Gentile

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