Saturday, June 12, 2010

Teenagers and Electronics = Connecting with Friends

As my children get older, seems like they spend more time on electronics.  Is this concerning?  I don't think so.  I'll tell you why.

My son enjoys PS3 (PlayStation 3) and he can spend a lot of time playing games, with his friends. They are able to connect on-line.  I believe this is an important area of socialization for kids nowadays. There are also other on-line gaming systems, like Xbox Live and Wii. These have become new ways for kids (boys especially) to "play" together. The positive side of this kind of socialization is that you know they are at home, safe. I hear my son talking with, strategizing and laughing with his friends. It's a great way for them to bond. Electronics have come along way since Pong.

My daughter on the other hand, enjoys texting on her cellphone (it has a little keyboard that flips out), and also communicates with her friends via Facebook and MSN Messenger on the computer (or iPod). I aso hear her laughing out loud at times.  Rarely is she on the telephone.

We encourage our children to get out with their friends and be active as well.  Both kids have ways of communicating with their friends in this electronic age. Things are quite different from when I was growing up. I only had a telephone! The telephone is the least used electronic device in our home nowadays.  I think with adequate supervision, and rules, these types of electronics can be helpful in our kids' development.  Responsibility, maturity and safety is key, and you as the parent can decide if these items or social media should be brought into your home.  As they grow up, they will want to spend more time with their peers, and this is a way to keep them safe and happy.

Have a good one.


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