Monday, December 20, 2010

Being Happy in Your Own Skin

"Being happy in your skin, that's what it's all about".  
 -- Koo Stark

As I was getting ready for my day, I noticed that most of my skin care products have something in common.  They all have Vitamin E and/or Aloe Vera.  I find that these two ingredients provide the nourishment that my skin needs, especially in this dry, cold climate.  Have you noticed what makes your skin feel good?  Here are some of the skin care products I use and find them to be quite effective:

  • St. Ives Swiss Formula, Vitamin E Advanced Body Moisturizer
  • St. Ives Elements Timeless Skin Daily Micro-Dermabrasion with fine mineral crystals, chamomile and vitamin E
  • Lever 2000 Fresh Aloe with crisp cucumber and aloe extracts, Refreshing Soap Bars
  • Balea Exfoliating Face Mask with Aloe Vera Leaf and Ginseng
  • Avon Beauty Soap with Aloe and Vitamin E for Face and Body
  • Equate Vitamin E Cream

"Skin creams containing Vitamin E play a critical task in the skin's overall appearance, reducing the development of discolorations, inflammations, irritations, lines, scar tissue, stretch marks, sun/age spots and wrinkles. With vitamin E cream, skin can appear healthy, youthful and undamaged". Read more: Vitamin E Skin Cream Benefits |

"Skin care products with Aloe Vera increase the availability of oxygen to the skin and thereby aid synthesis and strength of the skin tissues. Aloe Vera lotions are widely used for cleansing the skin. Many of the skin care products containing aloe vera are also fortified with Vitamin E and collagen to maintain the skin's elasticity and suppleness and keep the moisture in. You can pick up suntan lotions with aloe vera. The anti-burning properties of Aloe combined with SPF factors make this an excellent skin care product". Read more:

Looking after our biggest organ is very important.  It is the outer expression of who we are and provides protection against all the elements. Drinking lots of water, avoiding the sun, using sunscreen, reducing alcohol intake and not smoking all aid in providing a healthy looking skin (and a healthy lifestyle!).

By the way - I just found a can of Barbasol Thick and Rich Shaving Cream in my bathroom cabinet.  It says "With Aloe".

Healthy skin is happy skin.  Be happy in your own skin.

Have a wonderful day!

~ Angela Gentile

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