Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Anti-Joke Humour

Anti-Jokes (or Anti-Humour) is a type of comedy in which the audience is set up to expect a typical joke setup however the joke ends with such anticlimax that it becomes funny in its own right. The lack of punchline is the punchline.  They are considered "groaners".   The funniest part of anti-jokes is telling them to people that appear baffled!

The most popular anti-joke of all time is:

Why did the chicken cross the road?  
- To get to the other side.  

Here are some of my favourite anti-jokes:

What is red and smells like blue paint? 
 - Red Paint

What is brown and sticky?
 - A stick

A dyslexic man walks into a bra.

What did the farmer say who'd lost his tractor?
 - Where's my tractor?

What is blue and fluffy?
 - Blue fluff

A duck walks into a bar.
 - Animal control is promptly called, and the duck is released in a nearby park.

What did the lawyer say to the other lawyer?
 - We are both lawyers.

What do you get when you cross a Mexican with an octopus?
 - Nothing.  Two different species cannot propagate and gene splicing isn't advanced enough to separate the specific traits of an organism.

Why was six afraid of seven?
 - It wasn't.  Numbers are not sentient and thus incapable of feeling fear.

What's green and has wheels?
 - Grass.  I was kidding about the wheels.

What do you call a chicken in Antarctica?
 - Lost
Two cows are in a field.  Suddenly, from behind a bush, a rabbit leaps out and runs away.  One cows looks around a bit, eats some grass then wanders off.

Why are black people so good at basketball?
 - Because they practice.

Two men were walking along when they came across a set of tracks.  The first man said, "Deer tracks!".  The second man said, "Rabbit tracks!".  While they stood there arguing, the train ran both men over.

How are a plum and a rabbit alike?
 - They are both purple, except for the rabbit.

Have a great day!

~ Angela Gentile

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