Saturday, November 6, 2010

Meditation Technique

The September 2010 edition of the Oprah Magazine called "O" had an article on Meditation.  It was called, Learning to Exhale.  The article proclaims to help people slow down time, quiet the mental chatter and savor life's breezes.  The secret is to coax your mind into a state of "nondoing".  Mindfulness is a technique of meditation and Licensed Family and Marriage Therapist  Diane R. Gehart, Ph. D shares a lot of tips and techniques in the article and on her website so that you can learn how to meditate.  Gehart specializes in areas of stress, depression/anxiety, couples, parenting, and has sections on mindfulness and happiness.  I have checked out some of her resources, and audio files, and they are great.  Oprah knows an expert when she sees one.

Go to Gehart's website for more info on Mindfulness Meditation Techniques:

Have a wonderful, peaceful, day.

~ Angela Gentile

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