Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Bieber Fever Phenomenon

    "They may be crazy but they're the ones that help me to be here and who put me where I am 
in the first place. I never worry about getting more fans as it spreads. 
And, by the way, there is no cure for 'Bieber Fever'!"

     — Justin Bieber saying there is no cure for Bieber Fever / February 17, 2011

What is this "Bieber Fever"?  

What is a 45-year-old married woman really mean when she says she has "The Fever"?  For those who don't know Justin Bieber (the teen singing sensation) as a person, and haven't seen the movie, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, they think, the fever is just for the person himself, Justin Bieber (JB).  But no, it's much bigger than that. I can attest to that.  I am 30 years his senior and he has sparked something inside. He has touched my heart.  Maybe it's the pride I share with the parents of a teenager who's making them proud. Maybe it's knowing that my teenagers appreciate and enjoy seeing other's stories of success and know that they too can be whatever, do whatever they want. He's a great motivator and inspiration for everyone.  Is it seeing my 13-year-old dtr swoon over a wholesome young man with a gift for making others feel happy and filling their hearts with love and hope? Is it his youthful charm?  Zest for life? Joy de vivre? Positivity?  Love?  Affection?  Energy?  Hope for the younger generations?  I have been starstruck by his talent, drive and energy. I have been touched by the story of his life up until this point. 

Fever is an elevated temperature. Bieber Fever is an elevated zest for life, loving and music. It's contagious. He's a fellow Canadian making it big. We all have a part of him in us. We all want him to be successful and keep spreading his joy and happiness. What about those Bieber-Haters?  The Non-Beliebers. Who are they?  What are they saying? Is it shear jealousy?  Are they afraid of their feelings? The infectious energy, drive and talent of this young Canadian man is spreading across the globe at an alarming rate.  I am enjoying the ride, and hope that as JB matures and grows as an artist, he stays on the right track.  With a mentor like Usher and his parents, I am hopeful things will keep going in the right direction for him as he is propelled into Superstardom.

As I am mesmorized by him, I notice that women of all ages are also claiming to have the Fever.  The Fever comes in different temperatures.  The young girls have a much more serious condition than us older women.  You could say I have a low-grade temperature.  But it's serious, non-the-less. I am sure that there are male counterparts that are not only getting a bit of the fever, but are reveling in what this condition is doing for the ladies.

Justin Bieber may be the result of a strategic, well-laid plan, but in my opinion he has so much more to give.  He's a positive light in this world full of negativity. People have complained that he's being shoved in our faces - but what's wrong with him?  I'd much rather focus on a positive thing than a negative thing.  There are bad things going on in the world that I have no control over.  Why shove that in our faces?  At least JB can make us smile, tap our toes, and have hope for the future. 

Michael Jackson started out at a very young age.  Elvis Presley was fond of black gospel music.  JB is fond of black rappers.  Many young girls are listening to these types of singers.  JB changed his hair, and his fans reacted strongly.  He wanted a more mature look.  He's growing up.  I am excited for the future for JB.  What is around the corner for him?  He's becoming a man - the fever is rising.  He's just a "hunk, a hunk, of burning love".

JB has a song called Pray.  In the music video he visits people in hospitals.  In this video are clips of communities that were destroyed by natural disasters.  He is a humanitarian. He has such potential to make big changes in the world.  Reminds me of Lady Diana and all the good she was trying to do.  He has such a big future ahead of him.  He can have it for as long as he wants according to Usher.  This is history in the making.


Biebermania - The intense fan frenzy towards Justin Bieber.  

Bieber Fever -  The contagious feeling of adoration for Justin Bieber.  It can be intensely sickening. 

Belieber - A play on the word, Believer.  Someone who is a fan of Justin Bieber. 

Non-Belieber or Unbelieber - People who don't like Justin Bieber, his music, or the way he rose to fame.  Also known as Justin Haters.

I leave you with a link to Justin's music video, Pray:

Justin Bieber - Never Say Never Movie Review:
Have a great day!

~ Angela Gentile

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