Saturday, August 7, 2010

Feel-Good Websites

From Cute Baby Fix

The other day CNN posted an article about "feel-good websites to brighten your day".  They took a listing of 8 websites that they felt fit into this category.  I had heard of a few of them, but not all.  I am continuously looking for positive websites, and I was really pleased to see that CNN had done an article on this positive topic.  They even admit in this article that people spend more time on Facebook and watching reruns of their favourite TV programs because they are getting tired of all the negative news on the internet and on TV. 

This CNN article hilights 8 different websites.  I checked them all out and wanted to make sure you know about them, because some are really neat.  The first is Happy News.  This one has real news, that's always positive.  The second one is called Gives Me Hope where people submit short stories that are uplifting.  The third one is called 1000 Awesome Things.  I bought a book based on this website, and I am looking forward to reading it as it's very simple and something everyone can relate to.  The fourth website CNN talked about is called PostSecret.  This one I wasn't too crazy about, but I could see the benefits as it helps people share their secrets by mailing a postcard to the author and he posts it for all to see.  The fifth website is called Cute Baby Fix and there are lots of cute videos and pictures of babies that make you say "aahh", or "cute".  The sixth website that is featured is called, Christian the Lion.  I have actually featured this website in the past, and it's a great feel-good story about a lion and his former owners.  The seventh website is called, Today's Big Thing.  There are a number of videos and other funny things on this website, and you could get lost in all the amusing posts.  The eighth and last website is called, Zooborns.  This site is a collection of baby animals and creatures that are really cute. 

I am really glad that there is increasing interest in promoting goodness and happy news, and cuteness and positive things. Hope you can check out some of these websites, if you're looking for some feel-good internet sites to brighten your day.

To check out the CNN article, 8 feel-good websites to brighten your day, go to this link:


~ Angela Gentile

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