Sunday, May 2, 2010

Changing Lanes: Go with the Flow

When driving your car, have you ever been stuck in traffic, in the wrong lane, finding yourself needing to get into the other lane? Think about how nice it is when someone lets you in. There is always someone that is needing to get to where they are going sooner than you, and someone who is taking their time. When you have a few spare seconds, please think about the times you need to be let in and give the next person a chance to get to where they are going. That can brighten someone's day.

The other day, I gave myself lots of extra time to get to an appointment downtown, and I was able to witness the thanks and appreciation I received from two other drivers that I "let in". Both of them, a man and a woman, made eye contact with me and waved their hand in appreciation. The lady went as far as opening her window and sticking her hand out and made eye contact with me in her side mirror. I hope that these two driver's paid-it-forward and let someone else in. 

There's actually instructions on how to change lanes at eHow - check it out:

Have a great day!


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