Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Friendship doubles your joy and divides your sorrow

Friends are a very important part of our lives.  People with five friends that they can confide in are happier.  Friends are there to celebrate with you, and they are there to comfort you in times when you are down.  Gretchen Rubin, of "The Happiness Project", says there are all kinds of friends, too.

When I look at my life, I can see that I have all different kinds of friends.  I value all the friendships I have as they help me through this journey called life.
Gretchen talks about how to "Make Three New Friends" (2:49) in this video. She tells about her own personal experiences and helps us see how we can go about connecting with others.

If this video is not working for you, try this link:

Have a friendship-filled day!

~ Angela Gentile


Anonymous said...

how are you!This was a really wonderful post!
I come from milan, I was luck to come cross your topic in wordpress
Also I get a lot in your subject really thank your very much i will come later

Angela Gentile said...

Hi Anonymous from Milan!
Glad you stopped by. You're welcome any time - my new "friend".
~ Angela