Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lucky Seven

Debbie, my co-worker had a really interesting story to tell us. On Monday morning, she told us about a dog, Misty, she had adopted from the Humane Society. She was a chocolate lab. She had been working with the dog for a few weeks (she volunteers with the Humane Society), and they had said that she was going to be put down because she had a head-tilt, and no one wanted her. Debbie said that Misty had a really nice temperament, and she couldn't bear the fact that she would be put down. She decided to adopt the dog. Misty was three years old.

Debbie had the dog for a short time, and she noticed the dog was gaining weight. The Humane Society told her that the dog was in good health, and she also had her own vet examine Misty. Debbie brought the dog out for a walk on Thursday night, and a man said to her, "your dog looks pregnant". Debbie did not believe him. She considered bringing the dog back to the vet for another check up.

Debbie got home from work on Friday and her other dogs were jumping around, excitedly, like they wanted to tell her that something very exciting was going on. Debbie proceeded to look for Misty, and found her in her bedroom. Upon closer inspection, she saw a little fair-haired puppy. Her lab had given birth and Debbie was quite surprised. She wondered, where did this little creature come from? Once reality sunk in, she realized that her dog was giving birth. As the evening progressed, Debbie and her son watched the puppies being born. Seven puppies in all. White ones, blond ones, brown ones and black ones. Debbie came to work on Monday telling us her story. She went around work showing off pictures of her new little puppies. The Humane Society supports her and promises to have them all fixed. Debbie committed to making her kitchen puppy-safe so she can raise them in a loving environment.

The joy, excitement and entertainment this story brought to Debbie, her family and co-workers brightened up our week. Debbie was even on the local TV station. They had interviewed her and she was able to tell her store at the Humane Society Fundraiser. Debbie had decided to keep Misty and all her puppies, and to raise them in hopes of finding them a new home. "Search and Rescue" has already approached her and has asked to have a look at the dogs when they are old enough to be adopted. These puppies have the potential to save other's lives. The Humane Society is equally happy to have such a wonderful volunteer who has gone above and beyond her call of duty. I call this story, "Lucky Seven", because Debbie has saved the life of not only Misty, but her seven little miracles.

"Happiness is a warm puppy!" - Charles Schultz

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful heart your co worker must have