Saturday, July 14, 2012

Colour-Changing Nail Polish by Del Sol

Del Sol Colour-Changing Nail Polish at Artifacts Gallery
After going our for lunch, a dear friend and I went to The Forks to browse around at all the little shops.  The Johnston Terminal has a nice little gift shop called, "Artifacts Gallery".  The nail polish by Del Sol caught my eye.  I had first seen Del Sol products while on a Caribbean Cruise.  The Del Sol line of nail polish, clothing and other accessories changes colours when exposed to sunlight.  

I spoke with Mila, the very friendly store owner, who said she has been at that location for 19 years.  She has a variety of decorative and useful items, including this line of nail polish.  It's the first place in Winnipeg that I've seen that carries this brand of nail polish, by Del Sol.

Day Dreamer Nail Polish.

I purchased the colour called, "Day Dreamer" ($11.99 CDN).  It's a white sheer polish with a pink pearlized lustre when indoors, away from sunlight.  When exposed to the sunlight, it changes to a beautiful light purple colour.  It's very pretty.  

Day Dreamer, indoors

Day Dreamer, outdoors in the sunlight.

I also have two other bottles of this brand of nail polish that I purchased on trips outside of Canada.  One is blue and it turns green, and one is white and it turns pink.

If you are looking for some new nail polish, please check out the store called, "Artifacts Gallery", in Johnston Terminal.  You may also find some other special treasures there, too.  

Artifacts Gallery.  Johnston Terminal at The Forks
140-25 Forks Market Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba
The Artifacts Gallery is a contemporary collection of jewelry, metalwork, and other mediums featuring Manitoba and Canadian craftspeople.  

Johnston Terminal, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Mila can be reached at (204) 949-1222 for more information.  

Have an awesome day!

Angela Gentile

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