Friday, July 13, 2012

Passion Twist: Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt

We had the pleasure of taking a family trip to Fargo, North Dakota.  We stayed two nights, three days.  On our last day, we visited a great self-serve Frozen Yogurt shop at the West Acres Mall, called Passion Twist.

"Passion Twist is home to all the sweet tooth out there. Our flavors are expertly made with the freshest and highest quality to achieve the best tasting menu. With self-serve Frozen Yogurt, you can be creative, fun, and in charge! You're the Fro-Yo Artist, so do whatever you want with your canvas (cup of yogurt). Top it off with fresh cut fruits and variety of yummy candies to choose from! Not only is the Frozen Yogurt good, but it is also healthy as well. It is low in fat and rich in probiotics which are beneficial bacteria that aids in digestion. We also serve slushies, smoothies, coffee, and milk tea! Go with one of our specialty drinks or customize your own by picking 2 flavors!"  Source:

You can choose how much you want, and how many flavours you want, and you also choose your own toppings.  They then weigh it for you and you pay for what you take.  It's fun to serve yourself, it comes out like soft serve ice cream.

I chose three flavours:  chocolate, strawberry and cheesecake.  They were all delicious and refreshing.  It also tasted healthy.

The toppings were also delicious.  I put strawberries and chocolate chips on mine.

My bowl came to just over $4.00.  Well worth the price.

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Make sure you check out Passion Twist at the West Acres Mall when you are in Fargo, North Dakota.  They are just inside the north entrance, close to Sears.

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Angela Gentile

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Angela Gentile said...

Here's an email reply I received today:

Hi Angela Gentile!

I'm deeply sorry for a late LATE reply. With our first time opening a business in the food industry, things have been hectic and crazy. Therefore, some things might have been missed. So when I found and read this e-mail, it really made my day. I am glad you enjoy our frozen yogurt and encountered great customer services. Two of the top things we strive to achieve. We wished you lived closer to us and visit our store more often, because we love customers like you! Thank you for your great remarks and great intentions of promoting our business. You can find us under Passion Twist on Facebook

Thank YOU for the great feedback and compliments!

-Vena Pham
(Co-owner of Passion Twist)