Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ways to Inspire

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I subscribe to the blog called, Marc and Angel Hack Life; Practical Tips for Productive Living, and they have a wide variety of lists that they make that are really good and useful.  The one I got today was called, 18 Ways to Inspire Everyone Around You.  Here is their 18 ways to inspire, in a nutshell:

18 Ways to Inspire Everyone Around You

1.  Be authentic and true to yourself.
2.  Stick with what you love.
3.  Express your enthusiasm.
4.  Excel at what you do.
5.  Focus on building your character.
6.  Care about people.
7.  Challenge people to do their best.
8.  Lead by example.
9.  Articulate what everyone else is thinking.
10.  Make people feel good about themselves.
11.  Help people heal.
12.  Share lessons from your successes and failures.
13.  Keep your cool in tense situations.
14.  Focus on the positive.
15.  Keep your promises and tell the truth.
16.  Listen intently to what others say.
17.  Communicate clearly.
18.  Be faithful to your significant other.

I particularly like #14.  Focus on the positive.  The article goes into more detail on each point.  Here's the link to the complete article:

Have an awesome, inspiring day!

Angela Gentile

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