Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tea Time with Green Tea

A cup of green tea
I have found my favourite brand of Green Tea.  Green tea has been known to have many health benefits, and I enjoy drinking green tea not only for the flavour, but for the benefits.  Here's an article that I found if you are wanting to get more information on the health benefits of green tea:

In this post, I'll show you more about green tea and about my favourite brand.  I first learned about this specific brand when I was out for dinner one night at Homer's Restaurant in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  I was instantly hooked!

Kirkland Signature 100% Japanese Green Tea

The Green Tea that we buy is purchased at Costco, and it's a Kirkland Signature product, called "Green Tea; Blend of Sencha and Matcha - 100% Japanese Green Tea".  You get 100 packages for $15.99 (Cdn), that's 16 cents each.

Green Tea package

Package with matcha on left, tea bag on right

The small packages are really good, because it keeps each tea bag fresh, and inside each package is also a small amount of matcha as well as the green tea bag with a paper "clip" or "holder" attached by a small string.  They are easy to keep at work, in your purse, or in your lunch bag.  It makes it really easy to give away to friends and family to try, too.

Japanese Green Tea - 100 count (Kirkland Signature)


To prepare, put the tea bag in a cup, and add boiling water.  Let steep for about 30 seconds, shake it up and down and then remove.

Pouring in matcha

Add the matcha from the package.  You may have to work at it a bit, because the matcha has a tendency to want to stay in the bottom of the package.  Enjoy!

I also noticed that I have other products in my home that have green tea in them.  I have a facial scrub and a lotion.  I really like the fragrance from the green tea.

St. Ives Natually Clear Green Tea Scrub

deserving Thyme Green Tea Lotion

I was at the cosmetics counter the other day, and I took a sample of a perfume that had green tea in it.  It was called Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden.  I really liked the freshness of it.

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Have an awesome day!

Angela Gentile

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