Thursday, April 7, 2011

Learning Italian

Learn a new language and get a new soul.  ~Czech Proverb
Buon giorno! (Good day).  My children and I have decided to learn Italian.  We are going on a trip to Europe and we will be seeing people in their Dad's hometown, Scanno Italy.  We will also be spending some time in Rome.  I was looking for some courses, and the one I wanted to sign up for locally was already full.  I looked at another course through our Italian Cultural Centre, and it was too costly.  I then searched for online courses.  There were two online language programs that looked equally good.  Rosetta Stone, and Rocket Languages.  We chose to go with "Rocket Italian".  There was a free 7-day trial, and we first signed up for that.  We were hooked.  For an affordable price, both my kids and I can learn Italian, together.  We take about 20 minutes every day or two and learn a lesson.  We sit in front of the computer, and we all do the lesson together.  Thankfully, we have an Italian-speaking person in the home (my husband) so that if we have additional questions, we can just ask him.

It's a great thing for the family to do together.  In the convenience of our own home, on our own time and at our own pace.  We have printed off some of the lessons too, so that we can refer to them as we go along.
Who knew learning a new language could be so easy?

There are so many languages offered by both of these companies, that I am sure you could find what you need, too.

Go to these links to learn more:  Rocket Languages:  or Rosetta Stone:

Ciao a tutti!

~ Angela Gentile

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