Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Game Scribblish - Hilarious Confusion!

"We laughed our brains out, laughed until we cried and our stomachs hurt.  
Hilarious confusion at it's best!"

Remember the game, "Telephone"?  Well, we have found a hilarious drawing/guessing game that will have you in stitches - it's called, Scribblish.  Family get-togethers are always more fun when you can play a game that makes you laugh.  Scribblish is a "Telephone Game Meets Scribbling" experience that makes you laugh out loud as you ask the question, "How did THIS become THAT?".  We played it with four players, but found that it was WAY MORE FUN when we played with 6 players.  If the players are over 10 years old it makes for much more fun, too.  

A modern spin off traditional parlor games, Cranium Scribblish will have your friends and family trying to outdo each other with imaginative drawings and hilarious comments. Get ready to put your imagination to work and scribble your way to victory as this game tosses players into a world of hilarious interpretations. Creative and outrageous fun for the whole family, Cranium Scribblish is designed for ages eight and up.

I like that the competitive element isn't as important as the fun-factor.  We in fact didn't even keep score.  The only competition is you pushing yourself to complete the drawing before the timer is up (which is really weird timer by the way).  You could even choose to not use the timer if you wanted.  I wish there were more caption cards (there's 60 with three captions on each card), as we are finding we are already doing ones we've seen before. The captions are completely nonsensical and some have blanks that the player can fill in with their imagination. 

We kept the scribbles because some are so funny.  Make sure you have lots of pencils, erasers, and an empty bladder!  

Have a fun-filled games night!

~ Angela Gentile


Bea Boomer said...

Hi Angela,
This sounds like something I could use for my family party on New Year's Day - my siblings are high maintenance - I need to keep them occupied so they don't argue!

Angela Gentile said...

Hi Bea! Yes, this is definitely a game you could take out on New Year's Day. You'll have them arguing but they'll be laughing so hard they won't care! Thanks for reading. :)