Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Longboarding Laws in Winnipeg

My teenaged son and his friends have been enjoying their longboards this summer. A longboard is a relative of the skateboard. It is bigger in size, and it is used for "cruising" or "coasting" moreso that it's smaller cousin the skateboard. Skateboards are also commonly used for tricks. Skateparks are designed for skateboards, not longboards.

We wanted to know what the local laws are here in our city for longboards on streets and sidewalks. After a couple emails and calls to the City of Winnipeg (Dial 311), I finally got the information I needed.

The City of Winipeg Traffic By-Law does not specifically mention "Longboards" but I have been told by the Active Transportation Coordinator (204-986-4966) that longboards fall under the "Coasters, Skateboards, etc." category. Here is the by-law for the use of longboards in Winnipeg, Manitoba:

City of Winnipeg Traffic By-Law No. 1573/77


Coasters, Skateboards, etc., Prohibited on Roadways

6.  No person shall ride upon or use any coaster, skateboard, sleigh, skis, skates, toy vehicles or similar devices on a roadway.

Prohibition of skateboards on designated sidewalks

6.2  No person shall ride upon or use a skateboard on a sidewalk where there is placed a traffic control device prohibiting such use of the sidewalk. Amended 7883/2001.

Here is a video of longboarding in Winnipeg.  Smooth surfaces and hills are ideal.

Click on the arrow above, or go to this youtube link:

So don't be surprised if you see a longboarder on any of the sidewalks or bicycle paths in Winnipeg. Bicycle paths are treated like sidewalks, and they are designated for bicycles as identified by signs. Pedestrians, cyclists, and other types of activities are seen on these bike paths throughout the city.

Longboarding is NOT permitted on streets, roads and highways, and the only other places they can't be is where there is a sign that says that skateboards or longboards are not allowed. Longboards are in the same category as skateboards. To the right is an example of what the "No Skateboarding Allowed" sign may look like.

Call you local city department to see what the rules are in your area for longboards.

Have a great day, and happy cruisin'!

Angela G. Gentile


Shah said...

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Unknown said...

I'm thinking about getting a longboard to ride to college everyday, so I'll use in downtown area. Based on your post, I think the best way to ride around here is the sidewalks? Or maybe the bike paths are better options? What do you think?