Sunday, March 13, 2011

Men Are Clueless (A Funny, True Story)

We spent most of the day preparing for the special event.  My in-laws were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary that night, and we were secretly hosting my father-in-law's brother and his son from Italy.  Their attendance at the wedding was a  surprise, so we were working very hard at keeping this information from my in-laws.  That morning, my daughter and I were putting together the last touches on our outfit (ie. accessories, hose, etc.) and the guys decided to go out shopping and visiting. 

When the guys arrived home with about 10 minutes to spare before we leave for the party, they rushed around to get dressed up.  Both my husband and his Uncle wore suits.  My son and husband's cousin get ready as well in record time.

We are packed up and in the van, all six of us.  My husband is in the driver's seat, I am sitting next to him.  We are well into our drive, and I look down at my husband's pants, and ask him, "What are you wearing?".  What I see is a pair of black, pin-striped pants.  He replies, "I am wearing my new suit".  He looks down at his pants, and I say, "I don't remember you having a pin-striped suit."  He replies adamantly, "I wore this on the cruise".  I reply, "I thought your suit was brown".  Now I can tell he was starting to think more seriously about this.  He looks at the label on the inside of his lapel.  I take a look as well and I didn't recognize the label.  I said, "Maybe you have your Uncle's suit on".  My husband turns back to see what his Uncle is wearing, and his Uncle replies (in Italian), "Yes, I think I have your suit on and and you have mine".  I start laughing, and I we all start realizing what had happened.

When my husband's Uncle had arrived the night prior, I invited him to hang up his clothes in the closet.  This was the same closet that my husband's suit was in.  When my husband went in to get his suit, he picked the one closest to the shirt that I had just ironed for him.  I had just randomly hung the shirt up with no notice of what suit it was hanging beside.  He quickly put the suit on, and then my husband's Uncle put "his" on.  Turns out they each had put each other's suit on and they didn't realize it until we were in the van on the way to the party!

Each man had rationalized why the suit wasn't fitting quite right.  My husband said he was thinking that the pants were a bit short, but shrugged it off.  My husband's Uncle said he was thinking that his pants were a bit tight, and he thought maybe he had gained a few pounds.  He was also thinking that he had many suits, and this brown one was the one his wife had picked out for him.   When they realized what they did, we were all laughing.

We made a stop at a nearby relatives, and the guys switched their suits when they got there.  They arrived at the party with their own suits on.

I laughed so hard that I was crying.  I said to my husband, "it's my fault because I didn't watch what you were putting on".  We told this story at the anniversary party and it made lots of people laugh. 

Have a great day!

~ Angela Gentile


rosa vacchio said...

so funny thanks for the laugh at my brother's expense

Angela Gentile said...

Glad you enjoyed it!