Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (Movie Review)

My family and I went to see the high-energy, entertaining, touching, funny movie, "Justin Bieber - Never Say Never".  We saw it in 3D, but overall I think it would be okay in regular theatres (the best 3D part was at the end when the confetti was falling down and it felt like we were at his concert).  Never Say Never is a movie about a young (will be 17 on March 1, 2011), wholesome Canadian boy who's rise to fame happened very quickly. The movie has a strong sense of "Reality", as it includes clips of home video, and concert footage. It's not often that my cheeks hurt from smiling so much.  The young guy who likes to wear white, black and purple has the audience tapping their feet to his upbeat songs, and wiping tears from touching moments.  There are references to prayer, and God, and it is a feel-good movie. You can't help but like (or even fall in love) with the little boy that has a cute smile, and beautiful eyes.  It's much like when you fall in love with a puppy. We get to go along with him on his journey.  By the end of the movie, he feels like part of the family, and we all root for his success.     

In the movie, there is a lot of affection.  The young Bieber is left to be raised by his teenage mother and her parents.  His father leaves him at 10 months of age.  Throughout the movie, you can see public displays of affection as he is hugged, kissed, held and even lovingly/teasingly thrown around a bit.  Bieber is not short on affection himself.  You can tell he was raised with a lot of love, and he is not afraid to reach out and touch his fans as he runs past them.   At one point Bieber is singing with mega-star Miley Cyrus.  At times Bieber gets in really close and touches Miley - the audience screams in delight.  Glimpses of Bieber's budding sexuality thrills the audience. 

Dream Come True 
One of my favourite parts in the movie is when he sings his song, "One Less Lonely Girl".  One young female fan is picked to be the "Lonely Girl".  She is brought up to the stage, and Bieber serenades her.  He presents her with a big boquet of roses.  I think every young girl in the audience wishes it was her.  The "Lonely Girls" in almost every case, sit on the stool, mesmorized, overwhelmed with the attention of Bieber as he sings to her and touches her lovingly.  Bieber does a great job of making his fans feel special.  It's all about the fans at that point. The emotions are over the top, and I could feel my heart swelling.  My heart was happy - happy that such a young man could bring a once in a lifetime experience to an unsuspecting, typical fan.  A gift of happiness.  My second-most favourite part is when you see Bieber's Dad watching his son at his concert.  His pride and love for his son is apparent as he is wiping the tears from his eyes.  He is touched by watching his son's dream come true. 

Black and White
This young, white kid is seen on the grand stage with many black artists.  The contrast is striking.  Bieber isn't that tall, and he appears larger than life as he graces the stage with artists like Usher and Sean Kingston.  There is an "Ebony and Ivory" feel to the whole story.  He is taken under the wing by Usher, who enjoys watching Bieber's rise to fame.

Messages to Leave With 
Bieber's movie leaves you with feelings such as never give up, live your dream, be yourself.  The confidence he has makes people realize it's okay to be yourself. He presents himself in a way that does not appear to be arrogant.  He makes fun of himself - Don't take yourself too seriouslyDo what you love to do and you'll be a happy person.  The movie does not make references to money, but it does leave you with the sense that if you have a goal, and believe in it, you can do it.  Another main message is never underestimate the power of the internet.  YouTube, emails, social networking sites (like Twitter) helped propel Bieber to superstardom. In a world that is full of negativity, it's refreshing to see positivity and happiness. Staying in touch with your friends is also another important message.  No matter how our lives go, it's important to keep in touch with our friends. One of the latest songs Bieber did was called "Pray".  He is touching the hearts of many in a positive way.  A positive role-model is a good thing, right?

A great movie that has it all.  Highly recommended for those who love music, inspiration, motivation and excitement.  Particularly popular with the young girls.

Have a great day!

~ Angela Gentile

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