Sunday, January 2, 2011

Videojug - Get Good at Life

I found an interesting website and YouTube channel called Videojug that is full of interesting and sometimes funny How-To and Instructional videos.  I laughed at the one called, "How to Stop Farting", and found "How to Sing High Notes" interesting.  

"1000s of videos, articles, answers and people, here to help you. You can do anything and Videojug will show you how - it's all free, so get involved and get good!"

I'll share one of the more popular videos they have done (over 8 million hits) - How to Kiss Someone Passionately.  It's done in a humorous way and I thought it was a good instruction video!

Dating Humor:
How To Kiss Someone Passionately

Or try How to Wolf Whistle, How to treat a sore throat with lemon,or How to tie a tie using a full windsor knot.

Go to or Videojug on YouTube to see what interesting videos you can find.

There's something for everyone! Beauty and Style, Creative Culture, Family and Education, Food and Drink, Health and Wellbeing, Lifestyle and Home, Love and Dating, Money and Careers, Sports and Outdoors, Technology and Cars.

Have a fun-filled, informative day!

~ Angela Gentile

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