Friday, December 31, 2010

The Top Good News Stories of 2010

This time every year, I like to reflect back on the year that has just passed, and I try to think of things that were positive and good about it.  Although the BP Oil Disaster was the top news story for Canadians in 2010, I did some google-searching, and came up with some good news stories that I wanted to highlight here.

On AOL News, there is a list of the The Top Good News Stories of  2010. In their list they included the Chilean Miners Rescue and they also listed a story about an unemployed man who gave away $10 a day in Washington DC and he wrote about who he gave the money to and what they did with it.

NewsOne for Black America lists their Top Ten "Good News Stories" for 2010 and in their list they include a story about twin girls with identical grades become joint valedictorians of their high school.

Canada's MuchMusic's Top Ten Moments of 2010 include the production of the song, Wavin' Flag - Young Artists for Haiti.

The Gazette HealthWatch's Top Ten Stories of 2010 include all those intriguing findings (mostly good news) that researchers were eager to share with us, including the good news about aspirin, vitamin D and smoking bans.

Canada AM's Top Tech Stories of 2010 series includes some great news about all the technology that has enhanced our lives - like the Apple iPad, Kinect for Xbox 360 and the Kobo eReader.

My personal favourite is the story about the Large's from Nova Scotia who won $11.2 million in July and have given away almost all of it.  Check out this video from CBC news:

My greatest stories of 2010 were that I went on a fabulous cruise with relatives, I went on a road trip to the Black Hills with my family, and I got a new job.  What are your good news stories of 2010? 

Have a wonderful day!

~ Angela Gentile

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