Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Dark Side

 "Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody."  ~Mark Twain, Pudd'nhead Wilson, 1894

Although I call my blog, "On the Bright Side", I thought I should write a post about the Dark Side.  If it wasn't for the dark side, there would be no contrast to what the bright side is all about.  I recently read a book called, The Shadow Effect by Chopra, Ford and Williamson and it helped me realize that every one of us has a dark side.  The dark side is that part of us that gets us into trouble.  Our side that may lead us into temptations, the side that wants to break the rules, cheat or lie. All of us have these thoughts and capabilities, but most of us are able to over-ride those thoughts and let the bright side prevail.

For an example of how destructive the dark side is, consider golf pro Tiger Woods and his recent marital problems.  He was married, however, was found guilty of having adulterous affairs.  A recent post on Golf Canada's website, announces Tiger Woods's Divorce Finalized. He and his now ex-wife Elin have two children, aged 3 and 1, and although Tiger's dark side has destroyed his marriage, he vows it will not take his love or commitment to raising his children.

Our dark side is part of us, and it is within all of us.  Some of us inherit these dark thoughts, and some of us have traumatic, painful or shameful experiences that we carry around with us.  Every once in a while our shadow (dark thoughts) rears it's ugly head.  When I look around and see all the suffering, violence and sorrow in the world, and the attention that the media puts on these "dark" parts of life, it makes me sad.  I know that darkness is a part of life, but I think we can all try and focus more on the bright side, and the positive things in life, to balance it out.  Like left and right, black and white, there must be dark and light.  I encourage everyone to focus on more light wherever possible.

The world is hungry for positive, loving stories of humanity.  Look at how much attention and coverage the Chilean Miner Rescue Operation received.  This was a perfect example of an uplifting, inspiring story of how humans can help one another.  An amazing true story of humanity coming together to save 33 men who were trapped in a mine for 70 days.  In real time, the world watched and cheered with warm hearts as each miner emerged from the shaft, and were reunited with their loved ones.  In essence, these 33 men emerged from the darkness into the light.  For more on the rescue, go to this link: and Proof that the world loves a good news story!

The bright side of light includes love, laughter, giving, helping others, fun, celebrations, kindness, music, optimism, peace, positive thinking, simple pleasures, feeling good, inspiration, health, wellness and learning.  There are many other things people do to bring out the lighter, brighter side of life, what do you do? 

Have a wonderful day!

~ Angela Gentile

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