Sunday, April 11, 2010

Silly Goose

The geese are back!  While at work one day, I came across these two geese sitting in an empty field.  Now, if I was a goose, and I wanted to spend some quality time with my mate (they apparently mate for life!), I don't think I'd choose a location like this.  I'd prefer to dine right beside a very busy highway, and maybe nest on the side of a ditch in the middle of nowhere.  These two geese must be very much in love, and are completely oblivious to all the construction going on around them.  Can't see what goods there are to eat here, either.

I actually saw two large geese fighting the other day.  It looked like they were fighting over a girl, maybe? It looked like they had each other in a "beak" hold, and their wings were outstretched. That was quite a sight to see.  I enjoy watching geese and studying their behaviour.

I look forward to seeing the little goslings that pop up everywhere.  There are actually signs posted on the main boulevard that I drive to work.  They tell traffic to, "Slow down - Geese Crossing".  It is so cute to see an adult goose, carefully crossing the road, with a whole bunch of little ones in tow.

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