Friday, June 3, 2011

My New Happy Shoes

MAR-206 Soft Pewter
I have purchased a new pair of Alegria shoes.  Alegria means "Happiness" in Italian.  They are really comfy, and they have a sparkly rhinestone buttlerfly on the side.  Their catalog I received with the shoes states the following:

Alegria Shoes is on a mission to offer comfortable, affordable, fashionable styles to put a little "happy" into a busy woman's every step.  Our unique Rocker Outsole and Perfect Fit Footbed system deliver full-body benefits all day long.

We believe that our signature mix of bright, happy colors and unique, one-of-a-kind prints provide a color therapy.

They also note We Love Nurses.  They apparently get letters all the time from nurses who say they are just so thankful they found Alegria.

Alegria also sells a Donna Clog in Pink Heart print to help raise funds to help with early detection of breast cancer by providing mammograms for those in need.  They have partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation,

I bought my shoes at Quarks.  And I am thinking about getting another pair.

Are you ready to get happy?  Check it out:

Have a great day!

~ Angela Gentile

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