Monday, October 4, 2010

BODIES...The Exhibition - A Review

Where on earth can you go to hold a human brain in your hands?  Where can you see the intricate parts of the human body (including the "private" parts)? 

I attended the BODIES Exhibition with my family and another couple and their teenage daughter.  We were all quite impressed with the abundance of displays.  It took only a little while to get used to the fact that we were in a building full of bodies. The bodies on display were actual living human beings at one time and their body parts have been carefully preserved.  What a great opportunity for our learning and curious exploration.  There were kids and people of all ages there.  We also rented an Audio Guide to listen to the recorded explanations of some of the more complex displays. 

My hilite by far was holding a human brain in my hands.  The brain was much heavier than I thought, and the division between left and right side is much more defined than I had imagined.  Coming a close second was the display of all the blood vessels of a human lung. The circulatory system looked like a beautiful piece of art, like a piece of colourful coral.  There was also a set of tar-blackened lungs, to inform those about the dangers of smoking.  If that sight made you think about quitting smoking, there was a large clear plastic display box that you could throw your cigarettes into.  If you ever thought about what you looked like before you were born, there was a section devoted to fetuses and you could see how small you were at one time.  It was fascinating to see. 

It makes us stop to think about how complex, intricate and systematic our bodies are.  It was an honour and privilege to see the human body in a way that I'll probably never see again.  Muscles, bones, nerves, ligaments, intestines, and so much more make up who we are.  We are all  miraculous, moving, thinking, loving beings. 

If you get a chance to check out BODIES, please consider going.  There are medical students available to answer questions, and it is presented in a very scientific, respectable environment.  Yes, some of us did have a bit of a nauseated, creeped-out feeling but it was too interesting to not continue. The interest and curiosity over-rided the feeling of the weirdness of it all. This Exhibition is travelling the world and may be coming to you. So far more than 15 million people world wide have seen BODIES.  If you think you'll be scared or upset by the bodies, please check out this link to help you decide if this is for you or not:


~ Angela Gentile

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