Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Looking Good in the Neighborhood

Charla Krupp has written "How Not to Look Old" and "How to Never Look Fat".  There was an article that featured her in the January 2008 edition of  The Oprah Magazine and it caught my eye.  The article was about Krupp's new book at the time, called, "How Not to Look Old".  I did a bit of research, and I found an article written by Linda Grant called, Charla Krupp's How Not to Look Old: The Ageing Debate Gets Ugly (2008). There were some points made about the anti-aging messages that Krupp was giving, but it also discussed how the book does give some good advice to women that are happy with their age, but that they don't necessarily want to look their age.

Some of the sensible advice that Krupp gives are:  know your body type and wear clothes that flatter; avoid out-of-date styles, such as 'mom jeans'; wear lighter shades of lipstick;  and avoid calf-length skirts. Krupp advises that you should keep up with the trends, within reason, and avoid those that are meant for those a lot younger than your age. There's information on shape-wear (the new corsetry) and the surprising information that a spritz of pink grapefruit will make you seem six years younger to men.

Old Fashion Rules :

Always match your handbag to your shoes
Don’t wear black and navy together
Don’t wear different shades of black together
Never mix two different prints or patterns in the same outfit
Metallic pieces are for evening only
Stockings should be flesh-toned
Don’t wear costume jewellery
Jeans are for daytime only

New Fashion Rules:

Matchy-matchy will make you look oldie-oldie
Mix black with navy – and brown
Mix black with black whatever the tones
Mixed patterns look fresh when matched according to colour tones
Metallics are for day, too They’re the new neutral
Shoes should be flesh-toned, legs bare
Faux can be fabulous (just don’t blab about it)
Jeans with heels are hot for evening

By the way, florals are in this season. I bought myself a cute little top for this spring/summer.

For you guys out there, GQ's The Style Guy, has lots of fashion questions and answers. And yes, you can wear black and blue, too!

Let's get out there and look good people!  Have a great day.


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