Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Digging in the Dirt

Why do plants have such a positive impact on us?

There are a number of reasons, including:
They have a predictable cycle of life that provides comfort in our time of rapid change.
They are responsive but nonthreatening.
They form no opinions or judgments about their caregivers.
They soften our man-made environment.
They enable us to change or improve our environment.
They promote relaxation and tranquility.
- Gardening - Therapy for Mind, Body and Soul, Proxima Health System, Atlanta

At our home, we have a vegetable garden and we have some flower pots (8 to be exact) and each year in spring we plant seeds and young plants.  My father-in-law, being Italian, starts his tomato plants very early in the year, and often passes a dozen or two to us when they are 6-8" high.  My husband planted these tomatoes a couple weeks back, and he is planning to plant some more vegetables soon.

This weekend my husband and I went out and bought some flowers for our flower pots.  We have 5 pots in front, and 3 in the back.  My son helped me weed the front flower bed and water the pots once I had filled them.  I have a few statues and garden ornaments that I like to put out with the pots.  My son helped get those out of the shed.  As we were working, I asked my son if he liked working in the garden and he replied, "I like watching things grow".  I told him this kind of activity reminded me of what it's like to be a kid, and how kids like to dig in the dirt.  My hands and clothes were covered with black mud.  My body felt like I had just been through a vigorous workout.  Check out the article called Healthy Gardening Habits to prevent any strains or injuries.

As we finished up, I looked at the pots full of colour and felt that I had done something productive.  Some of the plants had colourful blooms already, and it looked really nice.  Digging in the dirt can be fun and rewarding!

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