Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do Your Kids A Favour - Give them Chores

"I like hugs and I like kisses; But what I really love is help with the dishes!" -Author Unknown

I have two teenagers, and since they were young, my husband and I have expected them to help with chores around the house.  Dishes, cleaning up the yard, putting out the recycling and feeding the dog are examples of jobs that they share responsibilities for.  I came across this article, called, Kids who help with chores become successful adults, and I really like how it puts into words what I have felt all along about how important it is for kids to help with household tasks.  When parents put expectations on their kids to do chores, research at the University of Minnesota has shown that it teaches kids "responsibility, competence, self-reliance and self-worth".  The article also gives parents tips on how to go about teaching their kids how to participate in these "helping tasks" and they stress it's important to start them young - as early as three years of age!

Our kids have now built their chores into their routines.  Still, at times, we need to remind them to do them, but it usually gets done.  According to the article, it sounds like they can start doing more, as it's important to add more responsibilities as they mature.

Lighten the load, and do your kids a favour. Reduce the risk of depression. Give them more chores!  Remember to praise a lot, too.  It's all good for their development and helping them grow into responsible, happy adults.

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Rita Vaags said...

I have to agree emphatically about giving kids chores! I have a teenage daughter (age 14) and she used to complain about the fact that she has far more responsibilities around the house than most of her friends... but she has also discovered that her ability to handle work loads from school and life in general surpasses that of her friends who look at life's bumps in the road and don't know what to do with themselves! I laugh when I hear the comment "but you have to let your kids be kids! They shouldn't have any work to do." Oh really? So I should handicap my child so that when she turns 18 we can just expect her to KNOW how to handle real life? Which is all about work, by the way?? Anyways, all of this rambling to say "YOU GO, GIRL! Way to teach your kids LIFE SKILLS!"

Angela Gentile said...

Hi Rita. Thanks for your insight. What a beautiful family you have. I am sure you have a lot of great things to teach, too!
Thanks for stopping by.