Sunday, May 16, 2010

An Acrostic Poem: Springtime

Smelling the fragrant tree blossoms in the air
Pink and white petals lifted off the trees by the breeze
Radiant sunshine heats up my skin
Insects and flies buzzing by as I relax on my swing
Noise from the breeze rustling through the newly formed leaves in the trees
Green grass speckled with white and pink petals
The birds are chirping and singing and their babies are hungry
I hear birds wings fluttering as they fly by me
My beloved dog, asleep at my feet
Enjoying springtime outside on my swing.

© Angela G. Gentile, 2010

An acrostic poem is very easy to write.  As I was sitting outside on a beautiful sunny, warm day, I was taking note of all the delightful things around me and decided to write a poem about SPRINGTIME.  The simplest way to write a poem is to do an acrostic poem.  You start by putting all the letters that spell your subject (could be any) down the side of your page.  Then you go back to each letter and think of a word, phrase or sentence that starts with that letter that relates to your subject.  Then voila - you have a poem.  I challenge you to write one.  You just may surprise yourself!

Have a creative, wonderful day!

~Angela G. Gentile, MSW RSW

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