Thursday, August 22, 2013

Book Lovers Unite!

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Books….ahhh, good old books.  I am an avid reader and book lover. 

Is the original form of the book going out of style?  I sure hope not!  With the advancement of technology, we are seeing more "electronic" versions of books.  These ebooks can be found online, or through libraries.  I have tried reading a book on my computer and on my tablet, but my preference is to have the actual book in hand.  I like the feel, weight, and smell of the book itself.  I like to be able to "curl up with a good book", and take it with me wherever I go. I like to be able to put it by my bedside, and use a bookmark to mark my place.  I love going into bookstores and libraries.  I hope books never go away!

I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and here is how I get my good old fashioned books, both new and used (and a few extra resources I have come across):

Book sellers online: (Textbooks) (books section, check in Winnipeg or other surrounding locations) (New and used textbooks)

To pick up books in person:

Chapters Indigo (new books)

University of Manitoba Bookstore (new books, also have a used book store)

Value Village – Instore (used books)

Children's Hospital Book Market (used books) – St. Vital Mall (3 sales yearly – Fall, Winter and Spring).

Winnipeg Public Libraries

If you have any other great resources to add here, please let me know!

**Please check out my board on Pinterest, called, "Book Lovers".  There are a lot of great photos, sayings and other book-related pictures there.  You'd be amazed at what people can do with books.  Inspiration, ideas, and more!  Go to: 

Have a great day!

Angela G. Gentile

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