Sunday, July 7, 2013

I Like You (Music Video)

Check out this great song by SJ called, "I Like You" (2009).  It is a simple, easy-listening, romantic song about a guy who likes a girl.  I couldn't get the song out of my head and had to hear it again.

Click on the arrow above, or go to this YouTube link to watch:

Here's some background on SJ from his YouTube channel:

South Florida-based acoustic singer-songwriter SJ blends melodic folk, a chill vibe, and diverse arrangements creating an acoustically soulful groove and sound. SJ's music has been compared to music from artists such as Jack Johnson and Donovan Frankreiter, and acoustic material from John Mayer and Dave Matthews. SJ's raspy vocal hooks and acoustic groove have firmly planted him on the national music scene, with industry acceptance at multi-format commercial and non-commercial radio in the US and abroad.

Have an awesome day!

-- Angela G. Gentile

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