Monday, February 4, 2013

A Penny for Your Thoughts

The first indication was a "Google Doodle" of the Canadian Penny, which linked to this article in the National Post:  The Last Day of the Canadian Penny, it says as I hover over the copper coloured Google that has a penny in place of the first "o". 

The next indication for me was a notice at the health centre cafeteria.  The notice said that as of today, February 4, 2013, the cashier would be rounding up or rounding down and that the penny will no longer be used.  My lunch purchase came to $5.29.  I gave her $6.00 and I received 71 cents change.  Maybe this was going to be the last penny I get back from a cash register.  I wonder, are we going to see a slow phasing out or is it going to be quick?

The one-cent piece, the beloved penny of Canada is retiring February 4, 2013.  It is sad to see the copper go, but I am not sad to see that it won't be filling up my change purse anymore. 

Learning to round up and round down is a new way of life for those of us who still use cash for purchases.  It won't affect the cheques, debit or credit card purchases. Here's how it works:

See more info here, on Phasing Out the Penny From Circulation:

Have a great day.

Angela G. Gentile

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