Wednesday, August 15, 2012

One Small Voice (Book Review)

If each of us uses our one small voice...
"One Small Voice" (2012) is a book written by a dear friend, Marcia Barhydt from Ontario.  It's a book written by a "woman of a certain age", and there are references to Ageism, Sexism, Women of a Certain Age, Sex, Mothering, Cougars, Body Acceptance and so much more.  There are references to websites and videos (such as the Beauty of Aging documentary and The Beautiful Women Project) that I had never heard of, and immensely enjoyed perusing.  I will be sending this book to my Mom to have a read, as I am sure any woman would enjoy this (and it's a great gift idea!).  Such an easy read. Was able to finish it in a few days.

Makes me feel good about being a woman, and I am looking forward to getting older and all the joys (and challenges) that come along with that.   I want to be one of those people using my one small voice, to help combat ageism.

"Because this is where I'm going, and I'm just getting started".

You can get your copy of One Small Voice: A Collection of Articles on Ageism and the Value of Older Women at:


Angela G. Gentile

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Marcia Barhydt said...

Angela, thank you, thank you, thank you!

I truly value your support as well as your friendship.

I'm so lucky to count you as a friend.