Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thank God for Risktakers

Here is a compilation of mainly guys doing some really crazy stuff.  There are only a few girls, a cat and a horse, and they are all in a video called, "Best Fails of 2011 KFB".

It's a 10 minute video and it's amazing what has been caught on tape.  There is some coarse language and a couple of mild nudity scenes, and it looks like there may have been a few injuries.  The video information reports that no one died and there were only minor injuries reported.

Watch this amazing video, and appreciate that there are risk takers in this world that add a lot of entertainment to our lives.  Schadenfreude at it's finest (pleasure derived from the misfortune of others). Not for the faint at heart, watch at your own risk!

Click on the above arrow, or go to the following YouTube link:

Have a great day!

Angela Gentile

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