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Justin Bieber BELIEVE - Album Review

CD:  Justin Bieber, Believe (2012)

One thing that I think helps keep me youthful is listening to music that is current, upbeat and positive.

I still enjoy buying the odd CD.  I know there is a growing trend to download music off of iTunes, but I have only purchased about 2 songs from there.  Most of my music I enjoy is off of YouTube.  I use a free, online "YouTube to mp3 Converter", and I get mp3's for my smartphone and playbook that way.  I "believe" there is nothing better than purchasing a CD, putting it into your stereo, pushing "play" and turning up the volume.  There is nothing more satisfying than that.  Plus, you are supporting your favourite artists.  I purchased Madonna MDNA a couple months ago, and more recently, Justin Bieber Believe.

Believe was released on June 19, 2012.  I purchased the deluxe set, which includes a DVD (which I have not seen yet).  Bieber (as they called him on the Much Music Video Awards - MMVA) is certainly maturing (he's now 18), and his voice and choice of lyrics is a reflection of that.  His relationship with Selena Gomez may have ignited some passion, because most of his songs are about love, and girls.  His music appeals to mainly the younger generation, but the young girls are most enthralled.  His new CD may entice some more mature listeners, and since I have always been a fan I am delighted to see him growing into a more mature sound.  I would like to tell you what I think of his new music CD, "Believe".

Overall, I think this is a really good CD.  It has a mix of dance music and ballads, with a splattering of cameo appearances featuring rap artists like Nicki Minaj, Drake and Big Sean.  Bieber has always had an alliance with many rap artists.  There is no denying that in his newest CD.  Some of the songs have their own unique sounds, and we first heard it with "Boyfriend".  It's a whistling/birdlike sound that starts off the song.  All of Bieber's songs are available for your listening pleasure on his YouTube channel, called JustinBieberVEVO.

Here is a rundown of the songs, and my impressions:

1.  All Around the World - Great song, was featured at the MMVAs.  He sings about people wanting to be loved, all around the world.  They are just the same as you and me.  It's a danceable tune, and it's really catchy.  Even my 16-year-old son thinks it's a great song.

2.  Boyfriend - This was the first hit single released off this album, and has a unique sound to it.  It was the second song her performed at the MMVAs.  It has been played and overplayed on the radio, and Bieber has performed this song about 3 or 4 times already that I know of.  His best performance in my opinion was on The Ellen Show.  Even my 66-year-old mother agrees.  There is a popular music video, as well.  By the way, watch for his second fragrance, "Girlfriend".

3.  As Long as You Love Me - Big Sean has a rap session in this song.  It's quite heavy on the electronic drums, so it's a heavy beat.  It's quite slow, so you can't really dance to it.  Bieber says, "I'll be your platinum, your silver, your gold".  Maybe he's talking about how many albums he wants to sell?

4.  Catching Feelings - This song is a ballad and it had such a familiar, "Christmassy" sound.  I soon realized it sounds exactly like the first song on his Justin Bieber Under the Mistletoe Christmas CD.  I played "Only Thing I Ever Got for Christmas", and bingo!  It's almost exactly the same.  Trust me.  

5.  Take You - Listen to the guitar and Bieber's voice in this one.  It's not really that special in my opinion, but it has some danceability qualities.

6.  Right Here - Drake dominates this song.  It's a slower song, and I don't really think it will leave a Bieber impression, it will leave more of a Drake impression.  It's okay, but not my favourite.  Bieber states in an interview on Fuse, that this was his "favourite song to make on the album".  

7.  Fall - If you want to hear Bieber's flawless voice, listen to this as it spotlights his talent in a slower song.

8.  Die in Your Arms - This song has an old "Motown" feel to it.  I couldn't help but think of Michael Jackson while this song played.  It just may be the most favourite song on this album for Bieber. It's an easy-listening kind of tune that you can really get into. 

9.  Thought of You - There is a subtle little odd sound of a childish "Ya" throughout this song.  It makes this song stand out, and it's also THE song that showcases Bieber's higher range.  I think this song is going to be a hit, it's really catchy and is high on the danceability scale, too.

10.  Beauty and a Beat - This is the only song that Bieber didn't have a hand in writing on this entire album.  It features Nicki Minaj, and I predict it's going to be one of the next hit singles.  It's so upbeat and the lyrics are catchy.  Nicki talks about "Selener" (Bieber's girlfriend Selena) and the lyrics, "Body rock" and "3012" stand out as Bieber sings his heart out.  This is definitely one of my favourite songs on this album.
11.  One Love - This song certainly grows on you as you listen to it.  It's a ballad, and a beautiful song about love.  "I don't want nobody, when I got your body".  By far, the sexiest song on this album.  A nice song to listen to when you are with your partner.  Sure to be a hit.

12.  Be Alright - This ballad nicely spotlights Bieber's mature-sounding, flawless voice.  Not my favourite song, but true to Biebs.  He apparently wrote this one for Selena.

13.  Believe - This is the title track, that is all about Bieber's fans believing in him.  It has a bit of a gospel feel to it.  Anyone that has been a fan can imagine that it's written about them.  Nice song, but he may be coming across as a tad bit arrogant.

14.  Out of Town Girl - This is my least favourite song on this album. I think the album could have done without it.  It doesn't do much for Bieber's voice, and it's not that catchy.  Sounds a bit "messy" to me.

15.  She Don't Like the Lights - This song starts off with a sound that most of Bieber's listeners may not even recognize, the sound of an SLR camera with the automatic film advance feature. I suspect this song is about Selena, and she doesn't like the constant flash from the cameras as they take pictures of her with Bieber.  This has a "Papazzi" message to it.  It's an upbeat song, which is very similar in sound to "All Around the World".

16.  Maria - This is an interesting song, the subtitle I give it is, "How to get Justin Bieber to give you a lot of attention and sing a song about you", or "How to turn lies and scandal into a pop tune".  Notorious Maria, the woman who accused Bieber of fathering her child, has made it to the big times.  The beginning of the song has Beiber stating that, "None of it is true.  Never met the woman".  This song definitely has a "Billie Jean" feel to it.  Michael Jackson would be impressed.

My personal favourites from this CD include: All Around the World, Boyfriend, One Love, Thought of You, Beauty and a Beat, She Don't Like the Lights. 

I think Thought of You, Beauty and a Beat and One Love all have potential to become big hits.  

I am waiting for Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber to do a song together.  Hopefully they do it soon, because there are rumours their relationship is on the rocks.  Heck, they weren't even spotted together at the MMVAs.
I would recommend if you like pop, and you like to dance, and you like Justin Bieber, purchase this CD.  You won't be disappointed.  I give it a 8/10.

Give me your thoughts in the comments below. 
Angela Gentile

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