Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fifty and Fabulous! Book Review

“Aging in not a choice. It comes uninvited, and as with many
 of our body’s tricks and turns, we cannot opt out.”

In her book, “Fifty & Fabulous!  The Best Years of a Woman’s Life”, Jacki Scarcello explores the concept, “Women of the Harvest”.  She interviewed women with a “light in their eyes” aged 45 to 102 from five countries and found that there were two types of women.  There is the type of women who are horrified by aging, and there is the group of women who celebrate each milestone in life, such as menopause.  

She calls the second group, Women of the Harvest. “Harvest, as a season, is not an ending but a time to celebrate the yield brought forth from work and care and the simple passage of time”.  The Women of the Harvest have a harvest wisdom that they share. This harvest wisdom is a positive, special outlook on life and all the transitions it brings.  Scarcello encourages the reader to become a Woman of the Harvest, to embrace and adopt the harvest wisdom way of aging and living.  She says the passing of the years brings it’s challenges as well, and the Women of the Harvest can support others with their traits such as compassion, forgiveness, leadership and completeness. 

Well worth the read if you are at or approaching 50.  Would make a great gift, too.

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Angela Gentile

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