Friday, June 10, 2011

Use the Good Dishes

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Use the Good Dishes

Use the good dishes; what are you waiting for?
Putting life on hold, hoping for something more?

I’ll tell you when is good: good is every day.
Look at the millions of people who didn’t wake up today.

I’ll bet they’d trade a day for every one we waste.
Pretend you’ve got a year to live,
Wouldn’t you then make haste?

To tell those close you love them,
And cherish them so much,
Your friends who have been there for you,
All the lives you’ve touched.

Would you notice puffy clouds, hear birds,
And smell the flowers?
Climb a mountain, sing and dance,
Look for rainbows after the showers?

Forgive someone who’s hurt you?
What about the things you’ve done?
Do you need to say I’m sorry to a
Parent, a child or someone

That you meant to spend some time with,
But stuff got in the way?
Oh well, there’s always tomorrow,
Or maybe some other day.

I’ll be happy when – I’ll be happy if
I met the right one,
Or when I’m retired,
Or my mortgage is paid.
Soon I’ll have some fun.

The beauty of life is the journey,
All the day-to-day lessons we learn.
Be grateful for the rough ones,
The pain and the tough ones,
Everyone has their turn.

Each day is a gift;
It’s a present we should be most thankful for.
Open it now! Don’t save it.
We never know what’s in store.

“One of these days” is here now.
Don’t look back with regret.
When you live, laugh, and love,
The good dishes on the
Table of life you have set.

Copyright Dr. Elaine Dembe, 2000

Reprinted with permission.

~ Have a great day!
Angela Gentile

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