Thursday, December 16, 2010

O Christmas Tree

I was inspired the other day by a Christmas tree I saw while at work on a home visit.  It was a white tree with beautiful blue ornaments.  There was a white angel on the top.  What was striking about this tree was that there were presents underneath that coordinated with the colours on the tree.  The presents were wrapped in blue paper, in two different prints.  The tree was just beautiful.  I found a picture on the internet that "kind of" resembles the idea I was talking about. It was truly striking.

That got me thinking.  We put up a tree every year.  This year we used a red and gold theme (the kids picked out the theme).  I then started looking at Google Images for different kinds of trees.  I wanted to share the most interesting pictures here.

A "Red and White" Tree

A "Singing" Tree

A "Book" Tree

An "Eco-Plywood" Tree

A "Teddy Bear" Tree

The "11-Million-Dollar" Tree

...and last but not least, the Charlie Brown Tree!

Click on the arrow to see the YouTube video, or go to this link to see the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree video:

Whatever you have, whatever you do to celebrate this season, have fun!

Happy Holidays to all!

~ Angela Gentile

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