Sunday, December 5, 2010

Family Fun Night

Game:  Homestyle Hedbanz

What you will need:

1.  Paper, tape, pens/pencils
2.  Imagination
3.  A fun, playful attitude
4.  A smile
5.  3 or more players is best

Whenever the kids tell us they are bored, and we all have some spare time, we have a fun game that we play at our house.  It's a version of the game, Hedbanz.  It's a "Twenty Questions" sort of game.  We play it around the kitchen table.  We each decide on a character, person or other fictitious figure for each of the other players.  We put the name or title on a piece of paper or tape, and put it on the person's forehead or shoulder so they can't see and don't know "who" they are. The purpose of the game is to try to figure out who you are by asking questions to the group.  Each question is a clue to getting you closer to figuring out "who you are". Each of player has a piece of paper and pen in front of them to help keep track of the clues. 

After everyone has been given a character, the game starts with the first person (doesn't matter who starts) asking a question about themselves.  For example, "Am I alive?", "Am I famous?", "Do I sing?", or "Am I a cartoon character?".  The fellow players all know who the person is trying to guess, so the group answers the question with a "yes" or "no", or "sometimes" response.  After this question is asked, the play goes to the next person, in a clockwise fashion.  Each person has their turn asking their one question.  This play continues until the first person guesses correctly who they are.  They are considered the "winner". 

We usually continue to play until everyone has guessed who they are.  Sometimes if the person gets stuck, they can ask for a hint.   The other night, my son came up with the idea that I was the "Tooth Fairy".  That was tough!  I needed hints for that one.  I had selected "Ellen" for my daughter (she guessed it after about 12 questions), and she had given her brother his own name!  It was so cute to see my son's smile and his face light up when he figured out he was himself!  My son gave my husband "Shaq".  We have lots of laughs, and sometimes it is really tricky.  When deciding on characters, it's best to pick ones that you know a lot about, and that is familiar to the to the person who you are giving it to.

To get more info on how to play the board game Hedbanz, go to this link:

Happy family fun night!

~ Angela Gentile

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