Friday, October 15, 2010

Top Ten Tips for Living Joyfully

Deb Dawson-Dunn owns a business called, "Get it Dunn".  She helps people reconnect with themselves.  She is a professional coach and speaker.   She has some great resources on her website, and there is a "Free Stuff" section.  In this section, is a tip sheet.  She calls it:

Top Ten Tips for Living Joyfully!

Deep breathing calms you down, frees up your energy, 
and keeps you in the present moment. 
The present is where you will also find joy.

Treat Yourself Like a Most Valuable Person (MVP)
Beating yourself down and berating yourself is not motivating.   
Instead always treat yourself with gentleness and loving kindness.   
Take care of your needs, speak lovingly to yourself 
and spend your time with others who treat you beautifully.

Focus Your Thoughts
Are you focused on what you want, what you like and what brings you joy?   
Your actions follow your thoughts so the more you focus on what you want, 
the more likely you are to take actions that will lead you to joyful living.

Be still
Spend some time everyday doing nothing.  Get quiet.  Be still.   
Just for a few minutes and notice how your day gets lighter. 

Laugh Daily
Find something to laugh about everyday.   
Laughter releases endorphins and increases oxygen flow 
both of which help your body feel better.

Listen to Your Heart
Your heart is wise and holds answers and guidance for you and your life. 
 Take the time to listen closely and then take action
on what your heart desires for you.

Take Baby Steps Towards Your Dreams
The tiniest steps eventually add up to big results.   
Make one phone call, read one paragraph, 
talk to one person about your dream
and soon your joyful dream will be accomplished.

Move Your Body
When you are stuck mentally, emotionally or spiritually get up and move.   
Shake your leg, go for a walk, do a forward bend.  
 Moving your body will move your energy 
which will get you moving and feeling lighter.

Cultivate Your Creativity
When you were a child, you created mud pies and 
lopsided popsicle stick houses and it was an expression of
who you were at that moment.  Connect with your creativity regularly
simply for the fun of creating.  Notice how this joyful energy weaves through your day.

Be Authentic
Discover who you truly are and stay connected to your truest self. 
It’s a much easier and more joyful way to live.

I love her philosophy, and really like the messages she gives.  She also shares a free 2-minute meditation.  It is quick and painless and helps us learn how to slow down.  If you want to learn more about Deb Dawson-Dunn, please visit her website at: 

Have a joy-filled day!

~ Angela Gentile

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