Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rocky and Trixie

My dog Rocky turned 5 this year.  His sister, Trixie, was a guest at our home one weekend.  Rocky and Trixie haven't seen each other very much since they were little.  It was nice to have two dogs again in the house (my other dog, Gypsy, died in Nov. 2009).  Rocky and Trixie came from the same litter.  They are cockapoos.  Their mom is a black cocker spaniel, and dad is a white poodle.  They are non-shedding and are small to medium sized. Here are some pictures of them - then and now.

Trixie (below) and Rocky at 8 weeks

Trixie (left) and Rocky at 5 years
Trixie loves to be with me all the time, and she waits outside the bathroom door for me.  She likes to find a comfy spot under my bed.  She loves belly rubs and enjoys affection.  She loves to go for walks, too.  I had her running around in our backyard for exercise.  One morning,  I heard her whimpering,  so I went over to see what she wanted.  She was standing by the dog food bowl.  I remember being told that she doesn't like to eat out of the bowl, but prefers it on a carpet or mat. I encouraged her to eat from the bowl.  She attempted to, but then backed off.  She looked at me with her very big, brown eyes, and I could tell she wanted me to move the food from the bowl to the mat.  I put a handful on the mat, and she ate it right away.  She's so funny that way!
Trixie and Rocky at 5 years

Dogs are great pets, and it's always nice to have company for my dog. 


~ Angela Gentile

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