Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Oldest Bloggers - The OGs

The OG's just may be the oldest bloggers on the internet.  OG stands for "Original Grandparents".   Barbara (Cutie), is 93 and her husband Harry (Pop Pop) is 98-years-old.  I saw some clips about the OGs on, and I was intrigued.  Barbara and Harrys granddaughters help manage their blog and some of the interesting  posts I saw had to do with, "Ask Grandma Anything", and "Secrets of a 72-year marriage".  This couple is quite sweet, and funny at times.  To be able to share your wisdom and advice to people all over the world in such an innocent way is quite impressive.  They are celebrities in their own right. 

You can shop on their site for items like t-shirts, tote bags, mugs, and stickers with a cute picture of the couple in their younger years or a picture of them now.  There is a contact link (if you need to Ask Grandma anything) and you can Register to Stay Up to Date.  The OGs are also on Twitter. 

When asked about the secrets of a 72-year marriage, Harry said, "It's a give and take situation.  She takes, and  I give".  Barbara adds, "He thinks".  He then ever so lovingly picks up her hand and kisses it.  I find it so cute.  They live in a retirement home in California.  Check out their blog at for a look at The OGs.

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~ Angela Gentile

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