Monday, June 21, 2010

Saving Our Planet a Little Bit at a Time

"Don't blow it - good planets are hard to find." ~Quoted in Time

Environmentalists all over the world are warning us that we need to be more responsible when it comes to our beautiful planet Earth.  We hear about it all the time.  What kinds of things can we do now, to ensure our kids have a wonderful planet Earth to pass on to their children and grandchildren?  There are lots of little things we can do, and if everyone does a little bit, that will add up to a lot.  I'd like to share with you ways that my household is "going green" in hopes of inspiring you.

- We have a compost bin in the backyard that we put all our "greens" and "browns" in. 
- We use our blue boxes to recycle as much as we can (paper, cardboard, plastics, glass), and we try to reuse whenever possible. 
- I have a little green "enviro bag" that I take with me when I go shopping, and I try to remember to use it, or ask for "no bag please".  We also have three green "bins" for shopping when we go to the grocery store. 
- We've changed most of our bulbs to those squiggly-ones (flourescent), and our son goes around turning off the lights when we are not needing them.
- We collect rain water for our flower pots and our vegetable garden. 
- We sell or give away our unwanted items, ensuring that we aren't the ones that are putting it into the landfills. 
- We try to buy used so that we are not putting more "stuff" into the environment.
- My husband rides his bike to work almost every day, even in the winter. 
- We use refillable water bottles for school, work, sports and shopping. 
- My son is growing a little maple tree.  This will be the second tree he has grown. 
- I have eliminated the delivery of  as much mail to the house as humanly possible.  Most of our statements are online.  I have asked Canada Post to stop putting Admail into my mailbox. 
- We have water-saver shower heads. 
- I pass along my magazines to my friends and coworkers.

Our family is committed to doing our part to help save our planet Earth.  She's a valuable resource that we want around for another few years.

Have a great day!


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