Saturday, May 22, 2010

The World Through the Eyes of a Child

♪ If I could see the world
♪ Thru the eyes of a child
♪ What a wonderful world this would be
♪ There'd be no trouble and no strife
♪ Just a big happy life
♪ With a bluebird in every tree

- Lyrics from "If I Could See the World (Through the Eyes of a Child)", released in 1958, by Patsy Cline

Ruby Ellenby is a three-year-old girl that has an interest in photography and she in fact, has her own website and has had her artwork displayed at a San Francisco restaurant, Moshi Moshi.  She is very happy to see her pictures up on the walls of the restaurant.  Her parents are supportive and encouraging, and they are photographers themselves.  It is quite impressive to see how Ruby's parents are supporting Ruby in her endeavours, and are nurturing this young, aspiring artist to make a name for herself at such a young age.  She picked up a digital camera six months prior and hasn't put it down since. The picture of the leaf shown here is one of Ruby's, and I received permission from her parents to use it in this post.  All of Ruby's pictures are taken from the perspective of a small person, and it is actually quite cute to see what kinds of things she finds worthy of capturing in a photo.  The letter "S" for example, or a headlight of a motorcycle.  A lot of the pictures also make one wonder, "What is that?"  The pictures are all quite different and beautiful in their own, unique way. 

I reviewed some of the internet articles written about Ruby and her photography, and I found a video and this quote in an article on Crave;

"A lady who bought four of her photos marveled at Ellenby's perspective and "ability to slow down and appreciate the beautiful things around us." "

The world through the eyes of a child like Ruby Ellenby looks pretty good to me.  It makes me take time to stop and appreciate the beautiful, interesting wonders of our everyday lives. 

Thanks for sharing Ruby!

Have a wonderful day,

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