Thursday, May 20, 2010

Life. Plain and Simple.

Simple living is the opposite of complicated living.  I often yearn for the days when life used to be simple.  I have three books written by Elaine St. James.  The titles of these books are:  "Simplify Your Life", "Living the Simple Life", and "Simplify Your Life with Kids".  St. James engages the reader to consider that we will be happier if we pare down and cut out the things that aren't necessary.  Anyone searching for a refreshing remedy to the frenzied pace of today's world will find solutions within the pages of  these "Simplify" books.

I have learned how to make some of my life easier and simpler, by just saying "no" to some things.  I have two kids, who like to get involved in extra-curricular activities.  I limit them each to three things.  Out of these three things, I make sure that the activities are convenient in terms of timing, and in terms of location.  For example, the piano teacher comes to our home, and the percussion teacher is just across the street.  The dance studio is just down the street.  The basketball practice is usually not too far from home. 

I try not to schedule too many things on the weekends, and I ensure that we have some down time as a family.  Although life is oftentimes speeding along at a  hectic pace (especially in May and June), we have been able to slow it down and make it easier for us.  I have learned how to do things a little differently.  For example, I only pick up the mail from the mail box on Mondays and Thursdays.  I have only two days to deal with the mail.  I have also worked very hard at eliminating all junk mail (what a job!) and I got rid of a lot of our credit cards we weren't using.  I am always looking for ways to make life more simple, and stress-free. 

What do you do to help make your life simpler and more stress-free?

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