Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Community Spirit - Treasures for All

Every May our neighbourhood has a community garage sale.  As it turns out, this year the weather was great, and we had many, many, many people out to look for treasures that were displayed on lawns, driveways and in garages.  The community was buzzing by 8:00 am, and the streets were absolutely congested with cars and people.  The folks that come to our community are from all over and they are eager to get that great deal.

My husband and I took a walk around the block at 9:00 am, and what we found was absolutely amazing.  To see the neighbours out, smiling, laughing, enjoying the sunshine and getting exercise was great.  It's nice to see that people can sell, recycle and reuse their unwanted items.  The main road into our community had cars parked bumper-to-bumper.  At one point, a vehicle had to back up all the way out of one of the streets because the cars were parked on both sides of the street and only one vehicle could pass.
People were everywhere.  There were trucks filled with furniture.  Wagons and boxes were filled with treasures.  I found two great books - for only $1.00!  It was a great day, and it was amazing to see so many garage-salers out.  I also spotted a sale where they were fundraising for a local charity.  There were all kinds of things for sale - toys, clothes, books, videos, CDs, tools, furniture, dishes, you name it!  There were homemade cookies, coffee, lemonade and iced tea for those hungry and thirsty "salers". 
If you have some items that are collecting in your garage or basement, consider selling them at a garage or yard sale.  It's lots of fun and gets you outside and gives you an opportunity to meet others.


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