Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Volunteering Makes a Difference

I am a volunteer for the Children's Hospital Book Market and I volunteered for their big sale recently.  I've been able to combine my love of books with my desire to help my community.  My job is to ensure that the donated books are arranged attractively on the tables, spine-up, so that potential buyers can easily browse and choose what books they would like to buy. As the books are sold, I replenish them with books that are kept in boxes under the tables.  I also spot those avid readers who need more room than just their arms to carry their books - they need a shopping basket!  A lot of the serious book-lovers bring their lists of books that they've read and/or need so that they know exactly what they are looking for.  I try to head them in the right direction.  I even recommended a book that I enjoyed to a young woman and she bought it (LittleWhite Lies, by Gemma Townley).   All ages come to the Book Market, and I enjoy helping each and every person.

Each time someone buys a book, they are donating money to a great cause - to help children in need.    I feel good when I volunteer, and I enjoy being out with the public.  It's so much different than my regular day job.

"Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something." ~Author Unknown

Have a wonderful, useful, productive day!


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