Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spreading Verbal Sunshine

"A compliment is verbal sunshine."  Robert Orben

One way to spread happiness to others throughout your day is to give a sincere compliment about something you admire in them.  An expression of praise or admiration boosts one's morale.  Compliments can be in the form of praise, congratulations, respect, commendation, admiration, affection or encouragement.

Compliments are intended to make someone else feel good.  I enjoy complimenting others on things such as what they are wearing, the way their hair looks, or praising them for a job well done.  I can tell it makes them feel a little better about themselves because they smile and say, "Thanks". 

The best kinds of compliments are those that are sincere, and are believed to be true.  The more detailed, the better.  I complimented a friend on a new top she was wearing, and she smiled and lit-up when I told her the colour looked really good on her.  It is really quite easy to help make others feel special.

Let's spread some verbal sunshine today!



Vanitha Sivapragasam said...

Nice one!

Angela said...

Thanks for the compliment ☺