Sunday, April 18, 2010

Declutter and Donate at the Same Time

To keep order in my home, I like to remove as much clutter as possible.  As I find items I/we no longer need, I place them in a plastic bag in my front closet.  There are two companies that call us on a regular basis to see if we have any unwanted, reusable articles of clothing or household items.  I often have three or four bags that are ready to go by the time I get the call.  All I have to do then, is simply place the bags outside on my front doorstep, label them for donation, and away the clutter goes!  I feel good because I am helping in way of a donation and I also get rid of unwanted items in our home.

Another tip I have learned, is if I buy a new article of clothing, I have to get rid of one or two items that I no longer enjoy or wear. 

A decluttered home makes me happy.  It's the simplicity and order that I crave.  What makes you happy?


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