Monday, April 2, 2012

In the Waiting Room (Joke)

Grandpa Abe Simpson

A middle-aged man and his father visited an assisted living facility where the elder of the two was considering moving. They were seated in the waiting area. 

The old man began leaning slowly to the right and a passing social worker nonchalantly reached over and propped the man up with an extra pillow from the couch.

A short while later, the old man began leaning slowly to the left. The same thing happened with another social worker. 

In a minute the old man began to lean slowly forward and.... you guessed it... a social worker just happened to be walking by and propped him up. 

The son then commented that the place seemed nice and the people seemed very helpful. The father agreed that the place was nice then added, 

"The folks here seem nice too, but they won't let me fart!" 

Have a great day!

Angela Gentile

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